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Your inbox is already filled with Google Drive Invitations to Collaborate, webinar links, an endless stream of marketing emails from edtech companies. So, why add Sunset Spark’s newsletter to the mix?

Every newsletter is written with some level of care and compassion so that’s something useful we’d actually want to receive. Digital junk mail doesn’t do anyone any good—wasting our time and yours. We’re a tiny org with too many things to do, so it’s almost guaranteed that we won’t send more than a handful emails a month. I mean, it took us almost 5 years to finally get a newsletter going; we’ll be lucky to keep this going monthly, let alone weekly.

So, what exactly will we be sending? Dates for free workshops at our studio around robotics, computer science, and other areas in our wheelhouse. Plus content, content, content! like free Lego robotics guides, kid-friendly videos about creative tech and culture, and lessons plans from our own classes. That’s not enough for you?! Fine, we’ll also throw in free missives and an occasional manifesto.

Sunset Spark also has a blog that you can subscribe to in an RSS reader. This newsletter is different than that, but will also have links to the half-baked posts that make it on to our blog.

Who is this for?

You (assuming you are any the following: educator, parent, edtech employee, work for a foundation, or like to give to good causes).

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